MAYNARDVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Authorities and loved ones in Union County are continuing their search for 16-year old Skylar Linville.

Skylar’s family is pleading for her safe return.

“I stay up late every night praying that she’ll come through the door and say ‘mom, I’m home,'” Skylar’s mother Melissa Linville said while holding back tears.

Skylar’s father, Christopher Linville, said, “She always knew how to lighten up heavy situations, as far as being a jokester.”

“With her gone, it’s a huge piece of me gone,” Melissa added.

Skylar’s parents say their daughter is a strong, independent teen who loves and cares for her 10 siblings. She has a heavy interest in makeup and one day may become a cosmetologist. If she were to be seen, she may be wearing a hoodie.

Her mom said, “It doesn’t matter if it’s summer, she wears hoodies and she wears them up on her head. Any kind of hoodie she can find, she loves hoodies.”

Skylar left her home in the middle of the night on July 16, according to her mother. She checked in with her briefly around 3:00 a.m., but a few hours later, a note was found, and Skylar was gone. Skylar was not known to sneak out at night.

“I felt something was off but for her to be up late like that with me, it’s nothing different,” Melissa said.

A Union County detective leading Skylar’s missing person case reports there has not been any indication Skylar was taken from her home against her will or that she is in danger. But, the Union County Sheriff’s Office as well as other agencies are actively looking for her.

However, Skylar’s family believe something is wrong. In the note she left behind before she ran away, Skylar’s mom said she wrote she would be back home in two days but that has turned into two months.

“I honestly don’t know the reason,” Melissa said. “When she had left there were no arguments, there was no fussing, anything like that. It was just me and Skylar.”

At the time Skylar went missing, she didn’t have her phone but her mom is worried she might have been communicating with someone online.

Melissa said, “We had caught her several times on Snapchat sending inappropriate things so we had to take her phone for that reason but she did have a laptop for homeschooling.”

The mother just wants to know if her daughter is okay, and she will be welcomed back with open arms.

“We will not stop looking for Skylar, that is my baby,” she added.

Skylar was last seen with blonde hair but her mother says she may have dyed it darker. Skylar is about 5’3”, slender build, has brown eyes, and believed to be in the Maynardville area.

If you any information about where Skylar is, contact the Union County Sheriff’s Office or Detective Eddie Simpson at 865-992-4062.