LUTTRELL, Tenn. (WATE) — A father of a daughter who lost her family in a house fire over the weekend in Luttrell traveled to Tennessee trying to get some answers.

Dennis Longhurst reportedly drove seven hours from South Carolina to meet with his daughter after five people in her family died in a fire on the 300 block of Clinch Valley Road.

“We moved to South Carolina 18 years ago and right after that, they bought this place. So they have probably been in here 15, 16, 17 years,” Longhurst said.

According to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, four children and one adult were in the home during this fire. Longhurst said his daughter lost her husband, two kids and two grandchildren.

“We were at home last night. About four in the afternoon fixing to go to church and I saw something on Facebook my daughter put on Facebook that my whole family is killed,” he said.

Longhurst said he tried to call his daughter and her mom when he saw the post but both of them were at a loss for words and still trying to comprehend what happened. According to Longhurst, she was out shopping before the fire happened.

Longhurst added, “They couldn’t give me any details on it and so I just told her, we’re getting in the car heading this way and that’s what we did. We drove up last night. And finish the drive this morning to get up here, and I thought well I want to come out here. I want to see the place.”

He said he has more questions than answers at the moment.

“All I could think about the whole time was how do you not get out get out how many how does a person like that not get out of the house like that?”

Although Longhurst would like more answers, his main focus is on his daughter and getting her through this tragic loss.

“We came up here, thinking that it was just a bad accident and this is kind of where we’re at right now until I figure once we get over to the house and out and talk to my daughter and that maybe we’ll find out exactly what’s going on and stuff like that,” Longhurst said.

Four of the children were identified by Kelley Jean Curry-Aljumaily: Briseis Aljumaily, 15, Audrie Cooper-Fortner, 9, Gabriella Aljumaily, 5, and Evie Cooper-Fortner, 5.

The TBI is working alongside the Union County Sheriff’s Office in this investigation.

Editor’s Note: Corrected to fix the title of the children in relation to the woman.