MAYNARDVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The trailer owned by a group of Boy Scouts that was recently reported stolen from a church in Oak Ridge has been located, and four people are facing charges according to the Union County Sheriff’s Office.

A leader with the Boy Scouts confirmed to WATE’s Veronica Ogbe on September 29 that the trailer had been recovered by police and that they were able to get some of the gear back.

“The Union County Sheriff’s department has it in their possession. They had recovered some of our gear earlier this week and now the trailer,” he said.

Phillip Kind with the Union County Sheriff’s Department also confirmed that the trailer was recovered.

Police initially located the trailer on Friday, September 9. Around 8 p.m., police say they stopped a vehicle that was pulling the trailer south, down Highway 33, because the trailer did not have tags. Once the vehicle was stopped at Little D’s Market, near 1300 Maynardville Highway in Maynardville, they found Brian Len Cumby, 24 of Blaine, Paul Shane Kisser, 49 of Maynardville, Siri Elizabeth Moyer, 32 of Luttrell, and Len Brian Cumby, 47, of Maynardville.

It was found that Brian Cumby was driving, although a records check found that his license was suspended according to police. Officers also reported that a search of the vehicle where Moyer was sitting located a vial of white residue, a smoking pipe, and 3 additional vials of white powder which Moyer stated was methamphetamine. The search also found that between where Kisser and Len Cumby, 47, were sitting, a case containing two spoons, two syringes, three bottle caps, and used cotton. All 4 were arrested and taken to the Union County Jail.

On September 14, police were contacted by Oak Ridge Police, stating that on Saturday, September 10, a theft report was filed for a trailer that matched the description. A comparison of photos and the VIN numbers determined that the trailer was a match. The contents of the trailer were reported missing including camping equipment, and an estimated value for the total value of the trailer and its contents was $10,000. Police records did not state if the camping equipment was still in the trailer when it was impounded.

Moyer and Len Cumby are both facing charges of possession of the stolen property, ranging from $10,000-$60,000. Both are expected back in court later this month. Drug equipment violations and driving while license suspended was also listed in the police’s incident report, but only the possession of stolen property charges were listed in the incident report form obtained by WATE earlier this month.