MAYNARDVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Surrounding community members continue to support fallen North Tazewell Volunteer Fire Department Capt. Roy L. Sewell Jr. and his family. A Union County-based business, popular for its live music and drinks in jars on Norris Lake, is holding a fundraiser this weekend amid the memorial services for Sewell for patrons to help contribute.

The general manager of Bubba Brew’s near the Beach Island Marina on Norris Lake, Spencer Orick, told WATE 6 that it is a personal cause, as the fundraiser is for the family of an old friend.

“Roy was a friend of mine back in the day and we decided that we needed to do something for his family,” Orick said. “I think they had dated since high school, got married and have a daughter and are expecting a second. I think the baby shower was actually supposed to be this weekend.”

Sewell, 27, died Monday while responding to a call for a child’s injury in an ATV crash in Claiborne County. Sewell had been driving a fire engine to set up a landing zone for the emergency medical helicopter for the child when the vehicle went off the road and rolled down an embankment, according to authorities.

“We just really wanted to try to give back, do as much as we could, because he was always there for everybody in the community, so — it’s personal, but also it’s important that the community comes together,” Orick said. “We try to give back as much as we can.”

Orick shared that what he remembers best about his friend Sewell is that he never gave up.

“There’s not one instance I can probably pick,” Orick said. “I worked with him in North Tazewell, and I think he was probably 18, and fresh, and he just always wanted to learn more. I’d been in the fire service before, came back, and he was always asking me questions, any of the officers’ questions — always trying to get better. When I left to go to Tazewell-New Tazewell, we do a lot of mutual aid and mutual training, and the chief there is certified to instruct all kinds of things in the fire service, so [Roy] was always over at our place… he would grunt his way through (the training) and he just never gave up. That was probably the best thing about him — he always wanted to be a firefighter, loved it, and that’s the thing I’ll always remember about Roy was that he just never gave up; no matter what we threw at him, he never gave up.”

Orick shared that Sewell was dedicated to his community, his wife, his church and to the fire service.

How to donate at Bubba Brew’s

Bubba Brew’s near Beach Island Marina on Norris Lake. (FILE Photo: Melanie Vásquez Russell/WATE)

Bubba Brew’s shared on social media the morning after Sewell’s death following the fire department’s announcement that they will have a jar on the bar for contributions to his growing family. The jar will be placed for monetary donations.

“Nothing is going to replace Roy, but I feel like we need to try to help out as much as we possibly can — and if it’s coming by, dropping in a dollar to two in the jar, that’s going to help,” Orick said. “We’re pretty busy on the weekends, I thought maybe it’d be a good way to get a few funds together for his family, try to take that stress off their mind as they go through all this.”

Bubba Brew’s is open Friday-Saturday from noon to 12 a.m., then on Sunday, noon to 8 p.m. The jar for the Sewell family will be on the front bar all weekend.