(WATE) — There are a whole lot more people excited for USA Cycling this year. How many of you picked it up as a new hobby during the pandemic? A whole lot, according to the owner of FC Pedaler in Knoxville.

“Right now I’m working six days a week,” Luke Grieve said.

It’s hard to be stuck inside when you live for the outdoors. Grieve is a passionate pedaler who won’t be watching USA Cycling at all.

His entire shop used to be full of brand new bikes, but now it’s all tune-ups. There is nothing new. A UPS truck arrived with one bike last week.

“That’s for my good friend, Jeremy Walker,” he explained.

Lucky Jeremy! Business has survived on your will to ride anything you can find.

“Luckily, a lot of the used bikes and bikes that people already owned were being brought out, you know, and being pulled out of sheds and barns and underneath decks and wherever they’ve been storing them, you know, just to have something to ride,” he explained.

If you are new to riding, Grieve had a few “must-haves” to share. You’ll need a helmet, a pump to check your tires, and, of course, a bike if you can find one.

“You want to get a bike that fits you size wise, that’s very important.”

Another lesson learned about biking: Sometimes just when you think things are really going downhill, FedEx arrives with the first big shipment of bikes in more than a year.

“All right. Thanks,” Grieve exclaimed as he unloaded boxes from the truck.

All of them were already claimed. Repairs got him by, but it’s new sales that provide and get this guy out of the office.

If you’re new to biking, Grieve can walk you through the ride, but it’s the ride that guides.

“Get one that’s meant for the intention that you’re going to use it for,” he reminded.

Check your pressure, protect your head, and just keep going.

He said the industry may not be able to get back to normal until 2023. That’s when he expects to be able to get new bikes in regularly. It’s also when he expects to have a little more time off.