KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Seven-year-old Jamison Torrence has had his eyes on the road since he could walk. Jamison’s grandfather, Mike Torrence says his grandson got the cycling itch from him.

“Myself and my sons got started about 8 years ago actually and he came along growing up watching us and wanted to ride bikes so there was only one way to do that, you have to take the training wheels off and get on a little faster bike so that’s what he did,” Mike said.

It was love at first bike, and Jamison’s wheels have been turning ever since. He recently became a member of USA Cycling.

“I guess I saw them riding and I wanted to ride with them so they got me my own bike,” Jamison said.

Jamison went from training wheels to training for the pros. He can now ride up to 18 miles. It’s a feat he shrugs off as no big deal.

“You just stop for a couple of breaks and you keep going,” Jamison said.

He still has a few hills to climb, it’ll be a few years before he’s able to start entering major competitions. Most of the youth races start at 11-years-old. For now, he’s focused on his biggest goal.

“I want to become a pro cyclist,” Jamison said. His ultimate goal is to go to Tour de France. “It looks the most intense and I just wonder if I can do it one day.”

Jamison knows his dreams aren’t too far away, and to reach them, he’s sticking to his plan of “keeping his eyes on the road.”