KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Cycling enthusiasts and those just looking to have a good time made their way to Sherrod Hill on Sherrod Road to cheer on their favorite team during the USA Cycling National Professional Road Championships.

“This is truly amazing,” said Peter Glander from Knoxville. “We have some food, we have some drinks, lots of kids hanging out. It’s a super cool spot.”

Hundreds of people joined to watch the cyclists during their hardest climb.

“It’s like a one-kilometer climb,” explained USA Cycling super fan, Jimmy Dean. “It’s steep, it’s hard and it’s lap after lap.”

“It’s electric out here,” said Dean. “The environment is good, the weather is good, the racing is amazing. It’s awesome.”

Dean dressed up for the occasion wearing a full red bodysuit and red, white and blue accessories from his hat to his shoes, “it’s like the Tour De France. You got to do something to get them rould up and that’s what I’m here for.”

He added, “at the very least I hope I make a couple people smile today.”

It didn’t matter what team you were cheering for as long as you were cheering until the very end.

“We have a lot of domestic teams plus some international teams,” explained Peter Glander. “It’s gonna be a hard-fought race today. I’m super excited Knoxville has a great course for it and it’s gonna be a real fight until the end.”

At the end, you could probably hear the cheers from Sherrod Hill.