KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Is USA Cycling inspiring you to bike East TN? Here are some quick tips you need to know before hitting the road on two wheels.  

Six On Your Side Reporter Kristen Gallant went to Two Bikes in the Old City to speak with Matt Zingg, a bike mechanic and avid rider.  

QUESTION: What are the first things people need to know before they buy a bike? 

ANSWER:  “Well the last thing we want to do is sell you a bike that you’re not going to use. So, the very first question I ask a customer who walks in and they’re new to cycling is what kind of riding do they want to do? Do they want to ride on the greenways, are they going to be communicating to school, are they going to be riding fast on the road, or mountain biking? And we just kind of open up that conversation and go from there.” 

Zingg stated that an older mountain bike may be the best option for families who are just looking to do some casual riding because a mountain bike is comfortable, versatile, stable, and built to last.  

QUESTION: What are some basic maintenance tips?  

ANSWER: “Just like with a car the better you treat your bike, the longer it’s going to last you, the less money it’s going to cost you,” Zingg said. “Having a health chain will save you a lot of headaches and dollars down the road and cleaning it is really simple. Anytime it’s starting to feel grimy or dirty, especially after you take a ride in any wet or muddy weather, you’re going to want to decrease and clean your chain. All you need is some sort of degreaser, a rag, and you’re going to sprits, get it nice and soaked, then take your rag and peddling backward on the bike you’re going to want to rinse off the chain.” 

Zingg added, “then once that’s done, you’re going to go through with some sort of bike lube or anything like that, lubricating each roller on the chain.”  

QUESTION: What are some of the things that cyclists need to always have out on the road with them?  

ANSWER: “Aside from a helmet, having an emergency kit that would include a multi-tool and a spare tube, a pump, [and] some patches,” Zing said.  

Starting in July Two Bikes will be kicking off their annual workshops again, which will include anything from pre-ride maintenance, to how to fix a flat and more advanced things like drive train adjustments and brake adjustments.