KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — As we approach the last USA Cycling race to be hosted in Knoxville, Chloe Dygert won the women’s Professional Road Race Championships on Sunday.

Dygert finished the race in 3:02:30 time after 10 laps. Following behind her were Coryn Labecki, Skylar Schneider, Lauren Stephens and Heidi Franz in the top 5. In the U23 race, Natalie Quinn won first against 14 other cyclists. She finished the race in 3:03:33 time after 10 laps.

  • Top 3 race for women
  • Women's winners on podium of USA Cycling

Top 10 finishers for the elite championship

  1. Chloe Dygert
  2. Coryn Labecky
  3. Skylar Schneider
  4. Lauren Stephens
  5. Heidi Franz
  6. Maeghan Easler
  7. Emma Langley
  8. Anna Hicks
  9. Austin Killips
  10. Kira Payer

Top 10 finishers for the U23 championship

  1. Natalie Quinn
  2. Betty Hasse
  3. Cassidy Hickey
  4. Nicole Steinmetz
  5. Keira Bond
  6. Makayla Macpherson
  7. Elizabeth Gunsalus
  8. Kayla Davis
  9. Gabrielle Lehnert
  10. Madison Gallagher

For live results, click here.

The men’s race was delayed due to severe storms in the area, and the race began at 2:30 p.m. and they raced in 15 laps instead of 17.

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