KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — University of Tennessee fans had a lot to say about the Vols football season this Sunday from all the highs to some brutal upsets.

“I went to the Bama game which was awesome. I’ve gone to the Akron game, the Vols State,” Olivia Soler, a UT freshman, said.

Soler adds, “I think it was a little understandable that we lost to Georgia, but the South Carolina game was a little brutal to watch.”

“The South Carolina game was a bit of an upset,” Casey Hill of Knoxville said. “I think they should have done a lot better but I still think it was a good season.”

All the wins and losses have led to Sunday’s college football rankings and bowl selections.

Chris Gray said he wasn’t happy with the rankings.

“At the end of the season, Tennessee beat them,” Gray said. “There’s nothing else that matters at the end of the season. Tennessee took that w this season so I think Tennessee by all means should be ahead of Alabama.”

Tennessee will play Clemson in the Orange Bowl, which wasn’t a surprise to fans.

Soler said, “I’m pretty excited. Battle of the oranges. Not super mad about it but I’m looking forward to seeing a good game.”

Laura Wolfe and her dad went to the Orange Bowl back in 1998.

“We went with my brother, and we drove down there to watch Payton Manning play Nebraska and I’ll never forget it,” Wolfe said. “So, if you can go this year, go. It’s a great memory.”

Wolfe added they’ll be watching from home this year.

Many others had their predictions on how they thought the game will go.

“Tennessee will take them by 21,” said Gray. 

His friend Scott O’Neal said, “I think it will be a little closer. I think it will be a ten-point game. Tennessee.”

Gray added, “I think if we can get past their secondary and through their defense that we won’t have an issue at all. I think we can run all through their defense as long as we can get past their secondary.”

Many Vols fans are feeling optimistic about the outcome of the bowl game.

Soler said, “I feel like it could go either way but obviously go vols. Hopefully, they’ll do great and win.”