KNOXVILLE (WATE) – The University of Tennessee has filed a motion in federal court to strike a paragraph referencing an allegation against Peyton Manning from the lawsuit alleging a culture of sexual violence at the university.

The motion says the paragraph referencing the allegation is “immaterial, impertinent and scandalous,” and was a “misguided (and unfortunately successful) attempt to generate publicity for this meritless lawsuit.”Previous coverage: University of Tennessee sexual assault

The paragraph in question references a 1996 allegation against Manning in which associate trainer Jamie Whited reported an Manning “sat on her face.” The incident was settled in 1997.Web Extra: Read the motion [PDF]

The university says the plaintiffs did not explain why they included the allegation, which does not directly involve any of the plaintiffs. The motion does, however, reference attorneys’ statements to the media that the Manning allegation was included as a “backdrop to the institutional issues.”

Six women originally filed the lawsuit after claiming the university created a culture that enables sexual assaults by student athletes. Two women were added to the lawsuit on Monday. Five women say they were raped and one says she was retaliated against after supporting another victim.