KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Some University of Tennessee students are getting a big opportunity this week as they head to San Francisco for Super Bowl 50.

They are heading cross country, landing on the west coast to be a part of biggest football game of the year. Twelve Vols will be cheering on VFL Peyton Manning as he leads the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl.

“I get to see Peyton play! I’m a Knoxville native. I am a Vol for life. I love Peyton Manning. No matter who wins we’ll be excited, but he is a fellow Vol and we want him to win,” said graduate student Christine Austin.

Austin is one of the students who will be spending a few days in California as part of the Big Orange Combine which allows students majoring in communications, marketing, human resources and sports management the chance to not only watch the big game but spend a few days networking with some big players in those industries.

“We’re going to get exposure to all the different events, all the different scenarios, but we’re also getting to do a lot of networking. Like I said we’re meeting the execs for Stanford University’s athletic department. We’re meeting the human resources department at Google,” said Austin.

The group will be put to work though what they end up doing could vary from directing people to events to throwing footballs with kids at the NFL Experience. No matter what, they plan to embrace this chance.

“I want that experience, that knowledge, so I’m very excited. That’s going to go along perfectly with my degree,” said Austin.

There are two UT football players, Mack Crowder and Kyler Kerbyson, in the group going this year. They will all be heading out Wednesday and returning Monday.

The Super Bowl game is scheduled for 6:30 Sunday night.