KNOXVILLE Tenn. (WATE) — Milton Jones never thought that he would be standing on a stage with Congressman Tim Burchett and Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs, but today he stood corrected.

“It was unbelievable,” said Jones, the 101-year-old WWII veteran who was honored at today’s ceremony at the First Seventh-Day Adventist Church.

Burchett and Jacobs both attended the Veterans Day ceremony to honor Jones by recognizing his terms in the service congressionally.

 “I think right now especially in our country when it seems like there is a lot of strife, it’s important that we recognize these true heroes,” said Burchett.

Being born and raised in East Tennessee, and with his technological background in the Army Signal Corps, Jones worked on the Manhattan project during WWII.  

“Oak Ridge was a great part in my life, there is nothing like Oak Ridge,” said Jones.

After spending time in the Navy, Jones returned home and has stayed ever since. 

“Meeting veterans, hearing their stories, there aren’t that many from World War II left,” said Jacobs, “so to be able to meet somebody like that, the legendary greatest generation, and be able to shake their hand and talk with them for a few minutes is just amazing.”

While Jones was being recognized for who he is, he was also honored to be there. 

“It was a great pleasure and I thank them for coming and it was just a wonderful program they put together,” said Jones.