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East Tenn. families celebrate veterans at annual parade, despite rain

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) - Despite the rain, East Tennessee veterans and their families stood along Gay Street in downtown Knoxville on Friday to thank those who've served our country in Knoxville's 93rd annual Veterans Day Parade.

Marshall Agee stood along Gay Street where other families and American flags were lined. As the parade started Agee, who is a Navy veteran, shared memories with his two grandsons, 2-year-old Hank and 1-year-old Waylon Agee.

"Well I'd like for them to learn this has a lot of meaning. This isn't free. There's no such thing as a free lunch in this world and everything costs something and if you want to be able to enjoy what we have in this country, you've got to do something like that and stand up," he said.

So many in East Tennessee say they come out to Knoxville's Veterans Day Parade every year to share in the joy and thank those who served our country.

"We believe in this holiday more than any other. Since I served 20 years in the military, this is my way to say thank you to the ones who came out here before me," said Air Force veteran Travis Lydick.

Lydick sharing that the sights and sounds of the parade reminded him of his time in service and was a reminder of our freedoms.

"The American flag stands for everything and we protected it as best as we could," he said.

While bands marched by and veterans waved, sisters Shannon Tevogt and Kelly Dean remembered their father's service in the military.

"I think it's great everybody came out in the rain, all the veterans and all the people who support them. Like I was telling my son earlier today our soldiers marched in the rain so there's no reason we can't come here and support them and stand in the rain," said Dean.

Many saying the parade is both touching and meaningful.

"There's no prettier flag in the world," said Dean.

Watch Knoxville's 93rd Veterans Day Parade here: 

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