KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — People from across Knoxville came together on Gay Street Thursday morning to honor our servicemen and women this Veterans Day.

“I want to honor all the other veterans that are here and what they paid for our freedom,” said one of the servicemen in the crowd. “To hear the helicopters passing over, reminds me of the days I was in Vietnam,” said another.

“Veterans Day to me is the basis of our foundation, of our freedom,” said veteran Jason Harrison. “The older veterans, you know, they paved the way for us younger guys.”

He also said it’s about honoring those who never made it home. “I get choked up, it’s a hard day, we lost a lot of good people,” he said.

For Harrison’s dad, who also served in the Army, he said seeing the community come together makes him remember what they have all fought for.

“To see them pass and move on, I just wonder, ‘Was it all worth it?’,” Danny Harrison questioned. “When I see this, it was worth it.”

Across Gay Street, there was Sam Robinson’s family of veterans, honoring a family member who is no longer here.

“My dad was in the Navy in World War II, this is actually the hat from the Enterprise, which is the ship he served on,” said Robinson. “I was in the Army, my son was in the Navy, my sister was in the Navy, my daughter was in the Army.”

WATE 6 On Your Side was there as his daughter walked up to meet him at the parade. We asked her what seeing her dad in her grandfather’s hat meant. There were no words.

In the end, these veterans appreciate our ‘Thank You’ every day.