KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – A group of East Tennessee veterans stay connected by playing music together in a very unique setting.

Their stage? A Bojangles on Lovell Road off of I-40 in Knoxville. Every Wednesday evening, four or five or sometimes as many as ten gather and put on a show for their loyal fans and unsuspecting customers.

George Hancock loves to play music. He loves gathering with fellow veterans for their weekly acoustic jam session. In fact, every man in the ensemble has served in the Navy, Army or Marine Corps.

According to Joseph “JJ” Johnson says is their unbreakable bond. “It’s something you can’t explain, but it exists – it’s there.”

Their voices and their fingers are not as strong as they were when they served in the military, but Hancock says that doesn’t matter. “When you’re here and playing music, you start feeling better about yourself and the people around you. Music is good.”

They’re not the only ones feeling better.

“It’s so good to see them again. It’s fun, just a good time,” said Sandy Sanders.

It was a pleasant surprise for Marcela Cedeno, who just happened to stop by. “It was a great surprise because we we’re starving and said, ‘Okay, were going to eat great food and listen to great music,'” she said.

Hancock said the boys in the band, along with a couple of wives, really play for each other.

“When we come in here, we’re playing music and we play for ourselves. It’s really uplifting for all of us,” he said.

Johnson said it’s a night when they don’t have to talk about their time in service. Instead, they can just sit down together, play some music and soothe their souls.

“The thing about it is, there is a bond between us that you can never break,” he said. “It’s something that come about when we served our country. And we know what each one of us has been through.”

The free concerts are free take place every Wednesday from 5-7 p.m. at the Bojangles just off I-40 and Lovell Road.