Vols RB apologizes following drug citation

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – Tennessee Vols running back John Kelly apologized on Twitter on Thursday after his drug citation, calling the incident a “minor setback.”

Kelly, a junior, and freshman linebacker Will Ignont were stopped Tuesday night on Cumberland Avenue for a broken headlight. During the stop, officers found a bag of marijuana and a glass pipe in the console in Kelly’s vehicle. The pair were cited and released.

Tennessee head coach Butch Jones announced Wednesday afternoon that Kelly and Ignont are suspended for the Vols game against Kentucky on Saturday night.

“{“””u”r”l”””:”””h”t”t”p”s”:”\”/”\”/”t”w”i”t”t”e”r”.”c”o”m”\”/”J”K”S”h”u”t”t”l”e”s”w”o”r”t”h”\”/”s”t”a”t”u”s”\”/”9″2″3″5″4″0″3″1″0″4″2″8″3″5″2″5″1″2″””,”””a”u”t”h”o”r”_”n”a”m”e”””:”””J”ø”h”n” “K”e”l”l”y” “l”l” “(“J”K”)”””,”””a”u”t”h”o”r”_”u”r”l”””:”””h”t”t”p”s”:”\”/”\”/”t”w”i”t”t”e”r”.”c”o”m”\”/”J”K”S”h”u”t”t”l”e”s”w”o”r”t”h”””,”””h”t”m”l”””:”””\”u”0″0″3″C”b”l”o”c”k”q”u”o”t”e” “c”l”a”s”s”=”\”””t”w”i”t”t”e”r”-“t”w”e”e”t”\”””\”u”0″0″3″E”\”u”0″0″3″C”p” “l”a”n”g”=”\”””e”n”\””” “d”i”r”=”\”””l”t”r”\”””\”u”0″0″3″E”M”i”n”o”r” “S”e”t”b”a”c”k” “\”u”0″0″3″C”a” “h”r”e”f”=”\”””h”t”t”p”s”:”\”/”\”/”t”.”c”o”\”/”X”W”w”7″6″n”y”0″4″j”\”””\”u”0″0″3″E”p”i”c”.”t”w”i”t”t”e”r”.”c”o”m”\”/”X”W”w”7″6″n”y”0″4″j”\”u”0″0″3″C”\”/”a”\”u”0″0″3″E”\”u”0″0″3″C”\”/”p”\”u”0″0″3″E”&”m”d”a”s”h”;” “J”ø”h”n” “K”e”l”l”y” “l”l” “(“J”K”)” “(“@”J”K”S”h”u”t”t”l”e”s”w”o”r”t”h”)” “\”u”0″0″3″C”a” “h”r”e”f”=”\”””h”t”t”p”s”:”\”/”\”/”t”w”i”t”t”e”r”.”c”o”m”\”/”J”K”S”h”u”t”t”l”e”s”w”o”r”t”h”\”/”s”t”a”t”u”s”\”/”9″2″3″5″4″0″3″1″0″4″2″8″3″5″2″5″1″2″?”r”e”f”_”s”r”c”=”t”w”s”r”c”%”5″E”t”f”w”\”””\”u”0″0″3″E”O”c”t”o”b”e”r” “2”6″,” “2”0″1″7″\”u”0″0″3″C”\”/”a”\”u”0″0″3″E”\”u”0″0″3″C”\”/”b”l”o”c”k”q”u”o”t”e”\”u”0″0″3″E”\”n”\”u”0″0″3″C”s”c”r”i”p”t” “a”s”y”n”c” “s”r”c”=”\”””h”t”t”p”s”:”\”/”\”/”p”l”a”t”f”o”r”m”.”t”w”i”t”t”e”r”.”c”o”m”\”/”w”i”d”g”e”t”s”.”j”s”\””” “c”h”a”r”s”e”t”=”\”””u”t”f”-“8″\”””\”u”0″0″3″E”\”u”0″0″3″C”\”/”s”c”r”i”p”t”\”u”0″0″3″E”\”n”””,”””w”i”d”t”h”””:”5″5″0″,”””h”e”i”g”h”t”””:”n”u”l”l”,”””t”y”p”e”””:”””r”i”c”h”””,”””c”a”c”h”e”_”a”g”e”””:”””3″1″5″3″6″0″0″0″0″0″””,”””p”r”o”v”i”d”e”r”_”n”a”m”e”””:”””T”w”i”t”t”e”r”””,”””p”r”o”v”i”d”e”r”_”u”r”l”””:”””h”t”t”p”s”:”\”/”\”/”t”w”i”t”t”e”r”.”c”o”m”””,”””v”e”r”s”i”o”n”””:”””1″.”0″””}”

“I want to take the time out to apologize to the University of Tennessee, my family, my teammates and coaches, and most of all VolNation,” wrote Kelly. “I understand that my actions were immature and selfish and I realize they have an impact on more than just myself. I take full responsibility and accept the punishment that I have been given.”

Kelly was cited for possession of a Schedule 6 drug (a misdemeanor), not having a headlight and not having proof of insurance. Ignont was cited for possession of drug paraphernalia, which is a misdemeanor. They must turn themselves in for booking at the Knox County Sheriff’s Office by Nov. 7 at 7:30 a.m.

Coach Jones issued a statement on Wednesday afternoon saying: “Members of our football team have a responsibility to represent the University of Tennessee in a first-class manner. I met with John and Will and they understand their actions were unacceptable.”

Kelly, a Detroit native, leads the Volunteers in both rushing yards and pass receptions.

The Vols (3-4, 0-4 SEC) take on the Kentucky Wildcats (5-2, 2-2 SEC) in Lexington on Saturday night. The Vols head into that game as 5.5 point underdogs.

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