“Vote Like a Girl” Knoxville social media campaign celebrates 100th anniversary of women’s voting rights


KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — There’s a cliché, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” but there are some photos that don’t need all 1,000.

In fact, some just need one: “Vote.”

The message behind a social media campaign, created by Adara Photography in Knoxville, is to inspire future voters to vote when they can.

East Tennessee mothers and daughters came together for the photoshoot, many of them, mutual friends.

One of those, Sara Hill, said she wanted her daughter, Roane, to know the importance of voting. Even though she’s only just 7 years old, the message stuck.

“She’s already noticed a lot of the campaign signs, she says ‘Look it says protect your right to vote,” said Hill.

Roane is the oldest of three, 4-year-old Abe, and (nearly) 2-year-old Hattie. Together, they’ve spent time as a family during the pandemic at-home. Roane is currently homeschooled, taught by Hill, a former second-grade teacher.

They work on the same subjects she would’ve taught in a classroom; one of note, government. The inner workings of elections, how the U.S. President is chosen, how senators are elected — all topics the two have covered from the dining room table.

Hill said the photoshoot, to inspire next generation voters, made perfect sense.

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Stephanie, the owner of Adara, wrote on Instagram she was inspired to start the campaign after her own experiences.

She didn’t vote in a presidential election for 16 years, “I always felt like my one vote never mattered. I couldn’t change the world and I didn’t know enough {or cared enough} to try,” she wrote.

The campaign blossomed from that idea. To inspire a new generation of girls (and boys) their voices mattered and their voices would be heard.

I wanted to do this project for the women {and men} like me who may think their voice doesn’t matter. Your voice is one vote that maybe by itself doesn’t count for much, but putting it with all the other voices will. Whether you’ve never voted or it’s been years since you last voted, your vote is important.

Today, I stood in line for over an hour and a half to make my voice be heard. 

Today, I stood in line for the future of this country.

Adara Photography owner, Stephanie via Instagram

Roane has dreams of becoming President or, as she notes, an engineer. She never understood why in her history books there weren’t any photos of a female President.

Hill said her plan includes “being kind” to everyone and providing healthcare for everyone.

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