WASHINGTON (Nexstar) — What could be the last round of federal child tax credit payments went out to families on Wednesday. But Democrats want to extend them by passing their Build Back Better plan.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said 60 million children benefitted, “a large number of them off of poverty, coming out of poverty because of the child tax credit.”

Studies some some of those children will again face poverty and hunger if the child tax credit payments stop.

“It makes all the difference in the world for families struggling to pay the rent, families struggling to pay child care,” said Ohio Democrat Sen. Sherrod Brown.

Pelosi said she still has faith the Build Back Better plan that passed in the House last month can get through the Senate. The plan also includes provisions for free universal pre-school, paid family leave and subsidies for child care.

But Republican Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina said Build Back Better could actually hurt families, especially those that don’t qualify for subsidies “by eliminating options, increasing the cost and stealing the hope from far too many families.”

“One parent may decide to stay home because they can no longer afford child care,” said Iowa Republican Sen. Joni Ernst. “And we know that most often times, that’s going to be the mother.”

It’s unclear if Democrats will meet their goal to pass Build Back Better before the end of the year. Not all Democrats have expressed support, and some would rather see federal voting rights legislation become the priority.