KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — While bears can appear to be cute and harmless, it is important to remember these animals can be dangerous and should be treated as wild animals. Bears will eat anything in the wild, things such as garbage and food odors can attract the animal to residential areas.

Redentor Dizon captured a video of a bear outside of his Farragut home. The bear was rummaging through boxes and trash on his porch.

Having things readily available for a bear to consume can cause them to get in a pattern of relying on humans for food. This will result in the species losing its’ fear of humans increasing the risk of safety concerns for humans.

Dizon says he saw a bear in Sevier County once, but he never expected one to come all the way to his home.

“Before this, us going to the mountains to you know, just to look for a bear. Now they’re coming to us. “Here I am!” it’s probably watching over there,” said Dizon.

Dizon’s family has since hung a sign on their door reading “Mag ingat sa bear.” We’re told it translates to “Beware of bear” He also says that he’s not keeping his trash outside anymore, but his trash can lid is still missing.

Information on how to stay ‘bear aware’ can be found at