COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – A portly porch pirate grabbed a delivery from an Ohio neighborhood porch and likely dragged it to its den, prompting the homeowner to call for reinforcements.

Homeowner Kelly Svoboda, of Cleveland, was looking forward to her Lululemon delivery of athletic wear when a groundhog intercepted the package.

The animal, caught in the act by Svoboda’s Ring doorbell video, trundled down the porch stairs and tumbled into a head-over-paws faceplant.

But that stumble didn’t deter the pirate from its plunder. The groundhog headed out across the lawn with its stolen loot.

“They’re gone,” Svoboda said. “I looked around the neighborhood a little but found no trace of my package.” 

Shameless Porch Pirate Steals Lululemon Delivery
(Courtesy of Varment Guard Wildlife Services)

Svoboda called Columbus-based Varment Guard Wildlife Services, which set a humane trap, but the wily creature never touched it and hasn’t tripped the lever yet. It’s likely safely tucked away in its den, enjoying its pirate’s booty.

Groundhogs, also known as woodchucks, do quite a bit of fattening up in the warm seasons in preparation for 150 days of hibernation during the cooler months. Maybe this one thought the package was filled with tasty treats.