Water found on potential ‘Super Earth,’ 110 light-years away


TAMPA (WFLA/CNN) — Could we survive another planet?

Astronomers say it might be possible on a planet called K2-18-b.

It’s known as ‘super-earth’ and for good reason.

It’s eight times the size of our planet.

Astronomers have been able to look at its atmosphere and they found water vapor and temperatures that could support life.

They also saw signs of hydrogen and helium, which are to of the most abundant elements in the universe.

The planet is outside our atmosphere, so technically it’s called an exo-planet, but don’t start getting excited about planetary relocation.

It’s 110 light years away in the Leo constellation.

Regardless, scientists are pretty excited.

They say the discovery gets them one step closer to answer a question scientists have always been chasing: Is the earth unique?

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