Drunk New Mexico teen steals corporal’s patrol unit


A New Mexico teen decided to take a drunken joy ride that wasn’t a good idea to start with. Her bad decision got worse when she decided to do it in a sheriff’s patrol unit after she stole it.

It all started on Bloomfield Highway in Farmington, back in December.

Corporal: “Can I help you sit up?”

Gray: (cries) “I miss my boyfriend.”

Corporal: “You miss your boyfriend? I’m sorry about that.”

A Corporal with the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office got a call about a 16-year old, Samaria Gray, staggering down the highway and then laying down in the shoulder.

Corporal: “I’m just here to help you okay?”

Gray: “Take me to jail if you want to help me.”

Corporal: “Why do you want to go to jail?”

Gray: “My boyfriend’s there.”

That’s when the teen’s mom shows up and tells the corporal she’s been having trouble with her daughter’s drinking habits.

She also says Gray’s boyfriend encourages her drinking.

Mom: “Together, all they do is drink.”

Gray’s mom tells the corporal she doesn’t want her daughter at the house until she’s sober.

As the corporal is talking to her mom, Gray has a hard time staying patient. She begins to kick and push the prisoner cage in the truck, but when she fails to break through, she simply gets out of the truck, and hops in the driver seat.

Gray then speeds off down the highway, reaching speeds of 99 mph, and narrowly missing a van.

Her joy ride didn’t last long. She crashed into two cars, and then landed in a ditch off the side of the road.

The teen was sent to the hospital for serious injuries. No one else was hurt.

In the video, the corporal is heard saying he didn’t handcuff the teen because she hadn’t done anything violent and just wanted to go home.

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