Florida veteran saves hundreds of lives by donating 37 gallons of blood

Richard Davis

OneBlood helps save thousands of lives every year but it isn’t possible without donors.

“In life, I like to help people,” said one donor, Richard Davis.

Davis has been donating blood for 25 years. He’s a Vietnam veteran who witnessed a blood shortage and wanted to help.

“A lot of people needed blood badly at that time. That was the first time I ever donated,” said Davis.

Since then, you can find him in the donor room – kicked back, donating blood and watching TV.

“Well the platelets you can actually donate every week but you can only do it 24 times a year which is a lot of times,” said Davis.

A lot of times, and a lot of blood. Davis is just grateful he can help.

“It’s nice to be healthy and being able to do it. Most people take drugs or something and you can’t really donate. So since I am healthy, why not,” said Davis.

Davis has donated 37 gallons of blood and has helped save hundreds of lives. He calls it the gift that keeps giving.

“During this holidays season, the gift of blood is a wonderful gift that doesn’t cost you anything but it is priceless,” said Davis.

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