Lost teddy bear gets luxury treatment at Hawaii resort


POIPU, Hawaii (KHON2) – A family visiting The Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & Spa this week accidentally left behind a teddy bear named Sutro.

“I received an email [on Monday], which we get frequently about a lost item,” said Julien Woerpel, Grand Hyatt Kauai’s housekeeping director. 

He says many lost items are not seen again in a hotel that large. 

But on Monday, the resort’s housekeeping department found the teddy bear and monk seal in the laundry chute. 

“It was in the middle of hundreds, maybe thousands of blankets, sheets and pool towels,” he said. 

The staff member who found the stuffed animals turned the items in at Lost and Found. 

“Reading the email, it was very easy to tell the mother was very, very concerned,” he said.

“Her son was devastated when they got back to the mainland,” Woerpel said. 

Woerpel told the family the stuffed animals were found, but decided to give the two the VIP treatment before sending them back home. 

Woerpel says the stuffed animals went to the spa to get pampered, and relaxed in their own private cabana near the pool. 

“It’s a long travel back home, they checked out and they were on their way,” he said. 

Woerpel says the act of kindness was easy to do. 

“My daughter has a stuffed animal, and I can only imagine how devastated she would be—so just put yourself in those shoes,” he said. 

Sutro and Kauai were sent back to Califonia on Monday afternoon.

“I received an email Wednesday night of the young boy getting back his furry buddies,” he said. 

“We do care about our guests and here on the island of Kauai, it’s just a custom a lot of folks there just do nice things without expecting any reward whatsoever,” he said. 

The marketing director at Grand Hyatt Kauai says she’s received calls from as far as the UK.

She says people called to say ‘Thanks for brightening my day,’ and ‘You just don’t hear about enough kindness in the world,’ she said.

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