Some companies adopting ‘pawternity’ leave to benefit workers


Priorities of the animal-loving world are now finding a home in workplaces across the country.

So-called “pawternity” leave is said to be attracting and even keeping employees at their work post.

The latest trend in employee benefits provides paid time off to bond with a new four-legged member of the family. It can also be used to mourn the death of a beloved pet.

Bergin University of Canine Studies gives workers two days paid leave when a pet dies, which is only one day less compared to the leave time taken when a human family member passes.

The university is also considering to provide paid leave to bond with a new puppy.

More companies are starting to understand the importance of the dog-human bond, the university said. Some businesses have even allowed employees to bring their furry friends into the workplace.

The North Bay Business Journal said it is a perk that can recruit and retain employees.

While U.S. companies are just starting to nibble at the idea, “pawternity” leave has reportedly been a howling success in the United Kingdom.

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