(WHTM) – Everyone’s favorite short-tempered cartoon duck is celebrating his 89th birthday on Friday.

Donald Duck made his very first appearance on June 9, 1934, in the short “The Wise Little Hen.” But his second appearance, alongside pal Mickey Mouse in the short “Orphan’s Benefit,” shows him being a little more temperamental.

Animator Dick Lundy was the creator behind most of Donald’s hot-headed personality, according to Britannica. But it was Clarence Nash that gave Donald his signature (and sometimes unintelligible) voice in the early years.

Donald, usually seen wearing a sailor suit with a cap and either a black or red bow tie, starred in over 128 animations throughout the 1940s, overtaking appearances by Mickey Mouse. Sometimes, he was seen alongside his girlfriend Daisy, or his nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie — all of whom joined him in the late 1930s. But more often than not, he was a little more irritable than his pals.

In the Disney parks, Donald can be seen either on his boat or in Fantasyland.

A representative for Disney did not immediately respond to requests concerning any plans to recognize “Donald Duck Day” at its parks. But fans on social media are sharing their own tributes, including the U.S. Naval Institute, which recalled Donald being “drafted” into the Army during WWII.

At least one notable fan — Donald Duck voice artist Daniel Ross — also claimed in a 2022 TikTok post that he maintains a yearly “tradition” of singing “Happy Birthday” in Donald’s voice.

“Happy Birthday Donald! And many more,” Ross said.