KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – Zoo Knoxville is asking for your help to name their new baby giraffe.

The baby boy giraffe was born on December 24 to mother Frances and father Jumbe.

The zoo says his birth is an important milestone for the giraffe species survival plan, a collaborative effort of zoos accredited by the association of zoos and aquariums who are working to save giraffes from extinction.

You can make your name suggestions this week and the zoo will choose a few finalists for a public vote next week. Suggestions need to be submitted by midnight this Friday, Feb. 12.

Click here to submit suggestions or visit

Bee mine, What a Fox! fundraiser

The zoo is also offering a sweet Valentine fundraiser for animal lovers.

For a $25 donation, you can give your sweetheart a Bee Mine package that includes a personalized certificate and a digital photo of your adopted honey bees. Donors will also be recognized in the Zoo Knoxville “Wild Wonders” magazine.

“Honey bees have been experiencing record die-offs of colonies in the past few years due to parasites, pesticides, poor nutrition and disease,” the zoo website states. “As the single most important single crop pollinator, honey bees are critical to pollinating fruits and vegetables that we eat every day!

“Your honey bee adoption helps the zoo provide the best in nutrition, veterinary care, and a safe and enriching environment that keeps the bees healthy and happy.”

The $100 What a Fox! package includes a special bat-eared fox plush, Valentine’s themed artwork created by Zoo Knoxville’s bat-eared foxes, a printed 8×10 photo of a bat-eared fox, certificate of adoption, and magazine recognition.

The bat-eared foxes are losing their natural habitat to humans as people build communities, increase agricultural production, and develop new roads. The foxes are native to East and South Africa.