KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Sevier County on Thursday released a report detailing the extent of damage to local homes and rental properties from the Hatcher Mountain/Indigo Lane fire that burned nearly 2,500 acres.

The official damage assessment report lists 213 structures affected by the wildfire, consisting of 110 residential homes and 103 overnight rental properties.

A total of 125 structures were completely destroyed as a result of fire damage, including 64 residential homes and 61 rentals. Four structures are considered to have suffered ‘major’ damage, meaning more 50% or more of the structure is damaged and repairs will take longer than 30 days.

The assessment lists 58 structures with minor damage, meaning structural damage that is 25% or less and can be easily repaired. By category, 32 residential homes and 26 rental structures suffered minor damage.

The remaining 26 structures are listed as ‘affected,’ meaning 10% or less of the structure is damaged and the structure is still inhabitable.

The Hatcher Mountain/Indigo Lane fire began on March 30 and burned nearly 2,500 acres and forced the evacuation of 11,000 homes before it was fully contained on April 5. The Seymour fire, known as the Millstone Gap or Dupont Fire, started on March 31 and burned nearly 1,000 acres before it was 100 percent contained a week later.

Preliminary estimates by the Sevier County Emergency Management Agency puts the total cost of the fire damage to livable structures from both wildfires at $65 million.

A state investigation determined the two fires were started by downed powerlines and exacerbated by high winds. On Wednesday, Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee issued an executive order designating the wildfires as a major disaster and ordering state agencies to provide relief.