WALDENS CREEK, Tenn. (WATE) — Imagine watching the fires happen from your phone on your front doorbell camera while you’re hundreds of miles away.

That’s exactly what the Hager family had to do. Sevier County is the Hagers’ home away from home. 

“We honeymooned in Gatlinburg back in 1979 and had been coming up every season camping with our children or just coming up and staying and we always wanted to own property up here. So we looked and looked and we finally decided on Shagbark,” said Tammy Hager.

Last Wednesday started off as a normal day with both Hager and her husband going to work. They were even talking about the next time they were going to be able to make the trip back to Sevier County from Florida. 

It wasn’t until that afternoon that they started to get alerts about the wildfires

“On Wednesday at about 2 o’clock we got a text alert from our subdivision that said we needed to evacuate and we needed to evacuate immediately but very calmly and orderly,” Hager said. “So I started watching some online news.”

Hager checked her security cameras on her porch.

“The embers were coming up. I thought it was going to start on the deck or start on the roof. I have a grapevine wreath on the door and I thought it was going to go up any minute.”

She thought their home away from home would be gone for good. However, a few days later they received the good news. 

Hager said, “by the grace of God, it’s still standing. Everyone says it’s a miracle.”

The homes all around them were gone but the fire line stopped within inches of their home. 

Hager pointed from her porch saying, “At the top of my drive you can see some of the ones that are gone. But I think all of the ones up there are gone. It’s just interesting and strange how the fire traveled.”

Hager said seeing the cabin for the first time since the fires on Thursday brought up so many different emotions.

“It’s a relief. You feel blessed, but you also feel very sad because right down the street there’s a whole street full of homes that aren’t there, and I just really feel bad for every family in our neighborhood.” 

Hager said they do have some damage to the siding and the roof but she says that’s nothing compared to what the rest of their community is dealing with. 

Due to the smoke still in the air and inside their home, they say they’re not able to stay in the house until the insurance company comes to survey the property.