SEVIERVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — According to the Waldens Creek Volunteer Fire Department, more than 70 fire departments from across the state have responded to the Hatcher Mountain Fire this week.

They’ve all been working around the clock. Most of the firefighters that are based out of Sevier County are volunteers. They’re missing work to try to fight these fires and keep their community safe.

“It’s been exhausting but we’ve also gotten an outpouring of support from our community,” Waldens Creek Volunteer Fire Department Capt. Jon Lanier said. “These volunteer departments, Waldens Creek Fire, all the volunteer departments around us survive off of financial donations. So if they want to donate they can donate gift cards or they can donate financially here, or they can contact our fire department, and Marisol, she can take care of it.”

Marisol Martinez is a volunteer with the department. 

She does a lot to make sure everyone in the community is updated on what’s going on through their Facebook page.

She also makes sure crew members stay hydrated and have food when they come back to their stations.

Martinez is the one who posts updates, pictures, and videos to their Facebook page and is personally letting homeowners know what specific areas have been affected by replying to messages.

“It’s more of let me show you what they’re going through so they get the perception of what they’re going through, that they’re risking their lives,” she said. “We have paid firefighters there, but a lot of them are volunteers. They’re not getting paid for this and they’re risking their lives.”

Martinez said there are two specific reasons why she does this.

“One my husband is the assistant chief here and he’s in the fire, and I wanna know that he’s protected and has the support he needs,” she said. “Number two, the community, the people here are just amazing.” 

Martinez said that at this point monetary donations are helpful to replace items they may have lost in these fires like fire hoses.

She’s missed several days of work herself because, she says, her community and her station need her. They are also always looking for more volunteers.