SEVIER COUNTY, Tenn. (WATE) — The Tennessee Division of Forestry stayed busy Sunday working to contain the Dupont fire and surveying the areas that were affected by the Hatcher Mountain-Indigo Road fire. A new map searchable by address is available on the Sevier County Emergency Response website.

“We’re going to keep patrolling the rest of the cabins around this mountain,” Dillon Mash, a forestry technician said. “We’ll patrol them for hotspots, smoke and if we see any we’ll extinguish those 100 percent.”

With what’s still burning near Seymour, helicopters were constantly back and forth dumping 600 gallons of water per round on the over 600 acres affected. The Tennessee Division of Forestry says they are working to put containment lines around the fire, however, the fire brings some challenges based on its location.

“This fire has been made more difficult due to the very steep terrain, very rocky slopes so it’s very hard for firefighters to access the mountains,” James Heaton, with the division said.

So far both fires have burned through over 3,000 acres in the last four days. As the Hatcher Mountain-Indigo Road fire is now 98% contained, many homes have been destroyed or damaged, with more than 300 structures affected. Now they’re working to make sure nothing else is affected by the flames.

“Places where you see smoke, in the stumps, we’ve been spraying that out with water and raking it,” Marsh said. “Anything around the cabins that’s a high profile area, and if it flames up it has potential to maybe get around the cabins and catch fire.”

Forestry officials also mentioned that a temporary flight restriction is in place for drones. They are asking residents to keep them out of the air because it can hinder firefighting efforts.