Welcome to the 146th edition of 6 Storm Team Starwatch. This is a blog that will be updated weekly that lists events happening in the sky.

Sunday, September 25th 2022

Tonight is the New Moon (Sky & Telescope). Remember, the New Moon is not visible to the naked eye. This takes place at exactly 5:55 p.m. EDT (Sky & Telescope). Additionally, Jupiter will be visible tonight in the East with the bright star Arcturus in the West (Sky & Telescope). The star Capella will also be visible in the North-Northeast (Sky & Telescope). In the South-Southeast will be the star Fomalhaut (Sky & Telescope).

Monday, September 26th 2022

Jupiter will be at opposition today (Sky & Telescope). You will want to look East to see this planet (Sky & Telescope). It will move higher up in the Southeast before reaching its highest point in the South around midnight to 1 a.m. EDT (Sky & Telescope). Opposition means that Jupiter and the Sun will be on opposite sides of the Earth (NASA). During opposition, planets are larger and brighter than normal (NASA). This year, Jupiter will be making its closest approach to Earth since 1963, making it appear even larger and brighter than normal (NASA). NASA says that the views should be great a few days before and after Monday. Binoculars or a large telescope are recommended in order to see detailed features of Jupiter (NASA).

Thursday, September 29th – Friday, September 30th 2022

Thursday and Friday nights the waxing crescent Moon will be visible in the sky near the bright star Antares (Sky & Telescope). Look Southwest about 45 minutes after sunset to see this (Sky & Telescope).

Image Courtesy of Sky & Telescope

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