Happy Monday! Welcome to the 32nd edition of 6 Storm Team Starwatch! This is a blog that will be posted every Monday that will list events happening in the sky this week! 

This week you will be able to see the Worm Supermoon!

Monday, March 9th 2020

The Full Moon occurs today according to NASA (although it will look full beginning Sunday night). Additionally, the Moon will be at perigee on Tuesday, March 10th 2020, which is when it is closest to Earth in its orbit (NASA). When the Moon is within 90% of perigee a Supermoon occurs (CNN).

During a Supermoon, because the Moon is closest to Earth in its orbit, it will appear slightly larger and brighter than normal. The best time to see this Supermoon will be Monday night for those in Eastern Time.

Image Courtesy of NASA

The Farmer’s Almanac calls this month’s Full Moon the Worm Moon because it is during this time that the ground gets softer, allowing earthworms to appear (CNN).

There will be another Supermoon on April 7th (CNN).

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