Welcome to the 155th edition of 6 Storm Team Starwatch. This is a blog that will be updated weekly that lists events happening in the sky.

Monday, November 28th 2022

Tonight Saturn will be visible during and after dusk (Sky & Telescope). It will be above the crescent Moon in the Southwest (Sky & Telescope). The constellation Orion will also be visible in the East-Southeast with the constellation Gemini to its left (Sky & Telescope).

Tuesday, November 29th 2022

Tonight Saturn will be visible to the right of the Moon (Sky & Telescope).

Wednesday, November 30th 2022

The First Quarter Moon occurs this morning at 9:37 a.m. EST (Sky & Telescope). Remember, the First Quarter Moon looks like a half Moon. To the upper left of the Moon is Jupiter (Sky & Telescope).

Mars is closest to Earth tonight at 9 p.m. EST (Sky & Telescope). This is the closest Mars will be to Earth until 2033 (Sky & Telescope). It will appear at this close distance for about a week before and after (Sky & Telescope). For this reason, pick the day with the best viewing conditions for you to see Mars’s Closest Approach (Sky & Telescope).

Thursday, December 1st 2022

Tonight the waxing Moon is visible near Jupiter and the constellation Pisces (Sky & Telescope). The image below shows what to look for in the sky.

Image Courtesy of Sky & Telescope

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