Welcome to the 138th edition of 6 Storm Team Starwatch. This is a blog that will be updated weekly that lists events happening in the sky.

Monday, July 25th – Wednesday, July 27th 2022

The next several mornings about 45 minutes before sunrise the Moon will be visible near Venus (Sky & Telescope). The Moon will get lower in the sky as the week goes on (Sky & Telescope). The bright stars Pollux and Castor will also be visible (Sky & Telescope). Check out the image below for more details.

Image Courtesy of Sky & Telescope

Thursday, July 28th 2022

The New Moon takes place today at 1:55 PM EDT (Sky & Telescope). Remember, a New Moon is not visible to the naked eye (Sky & Telescope).

Friday, July 29th 2022

The Big Dipper is visible in the Northwest after dark (Sky & Telescope). It will be diagonal and if you look right from its midpoint, you will be able to see the star Polaris (Sky & Telescope). Polaris is also known as the North Star. Polaris is at the end of the handle of the Little Dipper (Sky & Telescope).

Additionally, Friday and Saturday night the Southern Delta Aquariids meteor shower peaks (AMS Meteors). This meteor shower is best seen though from the southern tropics (AMS Meteors). Don’t forget, the Perseid meteor shower peaks next month (AMS Meteors)!

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