KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Welcome to this week’s edition of Starwatch, where Assistant Chief Meteorologist Victoria Cavaliere shares what you can expect to see in the night skies over East Tennessee.

This week features the longest night of the year on Dec. 21. Here is this week’s outlook:

Wednesday, December 21 – Thursday, December 22

The Ursid meteor shower peaks this week. This meteor shower is not as impressive as the Geminids as most see only 5-10 meteors per hour during the late morning. The parent object for this meteor shower is 8P/Tuttle.

The year is almost over, but here are the meteor showers, eclipses and supermoons in 2022.

Saturday, December 24 – Saturday, December 25

Around sunset Christmas Eve and Christmas Day night Saturn, Mercury and Venus will all be visible in the sky. You will want to look above the Southwest horizon to see these planets. The Moon will get higher in the sky by Christmas. The image below shows what to look for.

Image Courtesy of Sky & Telescope

The American Meteor Society’s website is used in the creation of this blog, as well as Sky and Telescope blog.

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