GREENE COUNTY, Tenn. (WJHL) – After the loss of West Greene High School Senior Isaac Long in 2018 to Leukemia, students and faculty have kept close tabs on his “hospital brother,” Noah Sileno, who fought the disease alongside him.

At the time they lived across the hall from each other, Noah was only three years old. Three years later, after a relapse left him fighting for his life, Noah got the chance to visit the halls where Isaac walked and meet the school family that maintains a fundraiser in his honor.

Hunter Paris, the social studies department head and West Greene teacher said the news of Noah’s fight hit students and faculty hard.

“He was with Isaac around three, and it only very recently reoccurred,” Paris said. “The leukemia reappeared with a vengeance.”

What Noah didn’t know was that the school had cut a $1,700 check for him and his own family to take home with them after their visit to West Greene.

The money was donated as a part of a “No Shave November” fundraiser, during which students collected funds on certain days throughout the month.

To up the stakes, Paris puts his own hair on the line. If the students managed to raise $1,000 or more, Paris would have his hair sheared in front of the entire student body.

This year, the students raised nearly double that.

“I don’t think it was necessarily them being bloodthirsty for my hide, but to support Noah,” Paris said. “Because again, he is kind of an honorary member of our school family by virtue of his relationship with Isaac, so I think that had an awful lot more to do with it than maybe just some people wanting to see me scalped.”

Noah’s mother, Martha Sileno, said he’s had no choice but to stay safe at home as he fights Leukemia. On Tuesday, however, Noah had bigger things on his mind: Christmas.

“I’m seven, I don’t really want anything except like Pokémon cards and football squishies,” Noah said.It’s $1,000 dollars, it’s gonna be like, okay… Is Santa rich? Cause he needs to buy every thing.”

The $1,700 is a welcome relief for the family, and Paris said the school was happy to hand it over.

“That’s really what Isaac meant in that sense,” he said. “To make sure that people were aware of what this disease does even to younger folks.”

The student body was just as eager to see Paris go under the buzzer, and he said next year he might have to bet his eyebrows, albeit for a much higher price.

“We’ll see what sort of tier of donation is required to get the eyebrows shorn off,” Paris said. “I don’t know if I want to look like a thumb but maybe a Bond villain is enough.”

Normally the fundraiser benefits St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and Paris said that is the likely donation of next year’s haircut money.

While Noah continues to fight Leukemia, the Sileno family has opened a GoFundMe account that you can add to by clicking here.