KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The four Knoxville Police officers involved in last week’s fatal shooting at Austin-East Magnet High School that resulted in the death of one student have collectively served the city for several years – and not without some reprimands on file.

WATE 6 On Your Side took a closer look at the redacted personnel files of KPD officers Lt. Stanley Cash, officer Jonathan Clabough and officer Brian Baldwin, all of whom were placed on administrative leave, per departmental policy, following the fatal shooting last week.

Cash has been with the KPD since October 2001. Clabough has been with the KPD since February 2017. Baldwin has been with the KPD since October 2004. Cash, Clabough and Baldwin are all assigned to East District patrol.

In the personnel file of Lt. Stanley Cash, a Fulton High School alum, there were some notes regarding reprimands involving Knoxville Police equipment and vehicles. Cash had been reprimanded for loss of equipment and for his involvement in preventable car accidents. He was also reprimanded in 2007 for unnecessary force. Cash has earned several promotions throughout his career and had also received steadily successful ratings on his annual reviews. Cash had completed the police academy in spring 2002.

Officer Brian Baldwin, a Knoxville Baptist Christian High School alum, received reprimands for failing to turn in his KPD-issued recording device and for pursuit policy violation. He was also a K-9 officer handler for several years. Baldwin started the police academy in 2004 and began his service in spring 2005.

Officer Jonathan Clabough is the newest of the group, having completed his police academy training in August 2017. His file noted that he was a pastor at East Avenue House of Prayer.

Officer Adam Willson, the officer shot and injured in the Austin-East incident has been with KPD for 20 years. He’s also a US Army paratrooper veteran. Willson has been with the KPD since January 2001 and was currently serving as the School Resource Officer at Austin-East Magnet High School.

The circumstances surrounding the shooting at Austin-East are still under investigation.

The redacted personnel files of these four officers are hundreds of pages long and we are working to learn more about their history serving Knoxville.