NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Some say it’s the most wonderful time of the year but, not for your wallet. Especially, if you wait to lock in your airfare says Stephanie Milani, Director of Public Affairs for AAA.

“Those preferred flights, and the number of seats shrinks, and the price of them goes up,” Milani warned.

We hear the same warning every year, but travel experts say 2021 is different. With the airline industry offering fewer flights than usual due to staffing shortages caused by the pandemic, there are really only four days left to lock in your top picks at the lowest price.

“Go ahead and make those reservations before Halloween,” urged Milani.

The pressure is on for families – to buy or not to buy?

“It’s the budget. Is gas cheaper, or tickets for four? Can I get some miles? Can I do points?” a Nashville father flying through BNA said.

All reasonable questions, without a lot of time to ponder, as ticket prices for Thanksgiving are expected to jump 40% at the start of November, according to Hopper, a company that analyzes travel prices.

Domestic airfare for Christmas flights is already trending higher than in 2019.

Hopper says tickets will be going for at least $300 for domestic travel for Thanksgiving and on average $430 a ticket for Christmas.