KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — With permitless carry beginning July 1 in Tennessee, many are wondering about the limitations of the new law. What does the law say a person can and cannot do? The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation created a one-sheet flyer to train law enforcement, district attorneys and dispatchers to help educate the public.

The guidance notes that people should consult with legal counsel in case there is something unique or specific to a jurisdiction contained in the statute. The guidance doesn’t change College/University Carry. Disqualifiers include convictions on DUI, Stalking, and/or domestic violence charges.

All Carry is Prohibited:
  • Judicial Buildings
  • Federal Buildings
  • Public schools and school buses
  • Property owned, operated, or in use by a school
  • Private schools where posted
  • Under the influence of alcohol/drugs
  • Consuming alcohol where authorized to serve
  • Public Recreational Buildings, Civic Centers
  • All other Government Buildings if posted “No Firearms Allowed” + Security Measures

These places also prohibit weapons, but only if a “No Firearms Allowed” sign is posted:

  • Private businesses, corporations
  • Libraries
  • Buildings containing law enforcement agencies
  • Mental Health, Substance Abuse, or Intellectual & Developmental Disability Facilities
  • Licensed Health, Safety, and Environmental Protection facilities
  • Department of Human Services-licensed facilities that administer a Head Start Program
Carry is Allowed:
  • Any location unless otherwise posted or prohibited by law or permit is required
  • Armed party along is no longer a basis to initiate a stop
  • Armed party is under no obligation to identify themselves (officer can ask)

If a person is carrying a weapon in a permit only area, law enforcement can ask the person, “Do you have your permit on you?” Citations can be issued if the person says no, or if the person says yes but cannot present the permit to the officer at that time.

May Carry with a Permit Only:
  • Posted “Concealed Firearms by Permit Only” (Government or Private buildings)
  • Parks (unless in use by a school for an athletic event or school activity on an athletic field)
  • Full-time registered employees of universities/higher education institutions
  • Campgrounds
  • Greenways, Nature Trails