(WJHL) – The White House has released a list of fact sheets for each of the 50 United States, detailing the infrastructural needs that would be addressed in the American Jobs Plan.

A release attached to the information says the sheets focus on road and bridges in poor conditions, households without broadband access, issues with water infrastructure and other problems.

According to the release, this issues addressed in the fact sheets would be addressed as part of President Biden’s proposed American Jobs Plan.

To learn more about the AJP, click here to view the White House’s official fact sheet covering the plan as a whole.


Tennessee’s fact sheet states that almost 900 bridges and 270 miles of highway are in “poor condition,” while commute times have risen by 7.7 percent since 2011. In response, the sheet states the AJP would designate $600 billion to make changes to and repair roads and bridges.

The fact sheet also states that 21 percent of all trains and transit vehicles in the state are “past useful life.” The AJP would reportedly invest $85 billion to modernize public transit.

The AJP would address the 396,000 “rent burdened” Tennesseans by using $200 billion to increase the available housing in the state.

You can read Tennessee’s full fact sheet below:


Virginia’s fact sheet states that 577 bridges and more than 2,124 miles of highway are in poor condition. Like Tennessee, commute times have also risen by 7.7 percent since 2011.

Virginians spend even more time commuting via public transportation than Tennesseans, according to the fact sheet. However, only ten percent of Virginia’s trains and transit vehicles are past their useful lives.

Almost 500,000 Virginians are “rent burdened,” the White House reports. This means those individuals spend more than 30% of their income on rent.

You can read Virginia’s full fact sheet below:

You can see each state’s fact sheet by clicking here.