(NEXSTAR) – A lot more of us will be traveling for Thanksgiving this year compared to last year, and the last thing we need is a headache from the weather.

There is some potential trouble both at the beginning and end of the holiday travel window, but overall things are looking better for travelers now as opposed to a few days ago. Of course, it’s always wise to check on the very latest forecasts before heading out.

Tranquil weather for the East Coast?

A cold front, the leading edge of a fresh, cool airmass from Canada, should be making its way east through the eastern United States. A few days ago, it looked like this front might stall out along the East Coast, becoming the focal point for a potentially disruptive storm Tuesday in the Northeast.

Current forecasts indicate this stall may not be happening, and disruptive weather is now forecast to occur over the western Atlantic Ocean. More likely, tranquil weather will take up residence over much of the eastern half to two-thirds of the United States.

However, there’s always an exception

It is possible for some snow to affect areas of New England Wednesday. Parts of Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont could have some snow for the big pre-Thanksgiving travel day.

Gusty north winds could cause some flight delays in Boston and New York on Wednesday, too.

What about returning home?

While most of the county (with the exception of the Pacific Northwest) should be quiet for the return home on Sunday, there is the potential for stormy weather to lift north out of the Gulf of Mexico into the Gulf Coast states later Saturday.

Rain will envelop the Deep South Sunday, so wet weather could greet travelers as they wrap up their holiday weekend.

The rest of us, meanwhile, should enjoy quiet weather heading back home Sunday.