SULLIVAN COUNTY, Tenn. (WJHL) – William McCloud, the boyfriend of missing Evelyn Boswell’s grandmother, reappeared in Sullivan County court on Wednesday.

McCloud, who has not bonded out of the Sullivan County Jail, appeared Wednesday morning directly after Angela Boswell, Evelyn’s grandmother, was arraigned on theft of property charges.

McCloud’s lawyer told the judge that they were ready for a preliminary trial, but the State of Tennessee was not.

His lawyer said witnesses from North Carolina are not able to appear in court yet, despite the judge saying the hearing should not come as a surprise.

McCloud’s lawyer asked for a court date of March 24 and a reduction in bond.

The judge agreed to schedule the hearing for March 24, the same date as Angela’s next appearance.

McCloud’s bond remains the same.

News Channel 11’s camera crew inside the courtroom observed McCloud mouthing words and blowing kisses to someone else in the room.

Our camera crew reports that Angela Boswell reentered the courtroom after leaving and that is who McCloud was reportedly trying to communicate with.