KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – The “stay at home” order from Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee has left thousands of people with time on their hands. So, if you’re not working what do you do to be productive?

WATE 6 On Your Side’s Don Dare visited a young woman who has turned her free time into a mission.

She calls it “a mission of love.” The 24-year-old special education teacher’s aide has a passion for making home-cooked meals. Shortly after the governor’s order came down last month, she decided to do something special for her grandfather.

That first act of kindness has since multiplied.

Macy Mitchell, a schoolteacher, has found a mission – a new purpose, since she’s been home a lot. It’s preparing home cooked meals, which she learned as a child.

Her 6-month-old daughter, Katherine, is her first calling.

But when people were asked to remain at home and wait out the virus, she decided to turn her enjoyment of making meals to benefit others. She started in mid-March making dinner for her grandfather.

“When restaurants were shut down, I thought he would enjoy home cooked meals. However, he can’t cook. So I thought I could deliver them and leave them on his doorstep and he could enjoy them,” Macy said.

Knowing how her grandfather liked his meals made with her hands, she reached out to her church family at Bearden United Methodist — and asked, how could serve those who are stuck at home?

“A lot of the meals I’ve prepared for families at the church have not been requested by them but by another member saying, Hey, this member needs a meal could you bring them a chicken pot pie.”

“I opened the back door, here is the new shopping bag. I opened it up here is this beautiful chicken pot pie and chocolate chip cookies. My husband said these are like my mom made,” Nancy Cooper, who received Macy’s meals, said.

Cooper and her husband benefited from Macy’s caring spirit.  Mrs. Cooper said Macy wrote out cooking instructions for the meal and included a note of encouragement.

“We take care of each other at our church and take care of those in our community as well. To be on the receiving end of that was really nice,” Cooper said.

Macy says this new commitment brings her delight. Thirty meals have been prepared so far. She intends to continue as long as the stay at home order is in place.

“There are so many who she has done this for. I just think it is a real act of love,” Cooper said.

Macy’s menu has expanded from chicken pot pies, to chili and lasagna, which is on the menu for tomorrow. Of course, there are chocolate chip cookies, which the Coopers really enjoyed.

Half a dozen new families are receiving them today and tomorrow.