KNOXVILLE (WATE) – A woman was taken to the hospital Monday night after a second story deck collapsed at a West Knoxville apartment complex.

A resident of Sunflower Apartments, 4619 Sunflower Road, called 911 just after 6 p.m. to report the collapse. Fire crews found a woman had been on the deck when it collapsed. Neighbors say the woman had serious injuries. She was taken to UT Medical Center for treatment.

Crews do not yet know what caused the deck to fall. No other injuries were reported.

Neighbors are concerned about what happened. Lisa, who did not want to share her last name, is just one of several neighbors worried about safety.

“If I took a fall like that I wouldn’t be walking anymore. This is not good,” said Lisa.

She’s worried about her neighbor’s well-being and wondering if her deck is safe.

“What if I let my dog out here while I was gone for the last three hours? Jesus, he could have gone down,” said Lisa.

Some neighbors say they didn’t see the deck collapse but heard it. They came outside and saw their neighbor lying on her stomach, crying in pain.

Glenna Robert and her granddaughter Kali live a few houses down.

“Both elbows were black it looked like she tried to break her fall,” said Robert.

Robert and Kali live on a lower level and often sit outside on their deck. They want management to inspect everyone’s deck because they don’t want one falling on them.

“We thought it was thunder. Yeah, that’s dangerous to me,” said Robert.

Adam Anderson slept through the whole thin,g but after finding out what happened, he’s shaken, too.

“Definitely surprising. I lived here for just over a year or so now, and I never really seen anything like this as far as a structure collapsing, so it’s a little uneasy feeling for sure,” said Anderson.

Apartment management was not available Monday night to comment on the collapse.