Woman’s job offer turns into scam


KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A job offer for one young woman turned out “too good to be true.”

Roane State Community College student Calista Yob, 21, went online to Indeed.com hoping to find a part-time position as a receptionist so she could continue her schooling. Not long into her search, Yob was sent a message from what she believed was a legitimate dental office.

Yob emailed her resume back to Natalie Marcos, which turned out to be a phony name.

“I sent her information about myself,” Yob said. “Within hour she responded back with thank you for your answers. You have answered my questions, you have passed my test. You have the job.”

Despite having filled out no other paperwork and never having spoken to Ms. Marcos on the phone, Yob was floored with the offer of a personal assistant job.

The letter from her new “boss” said she’s a real estate attorney with projects that take her out of the country. Yob then received a check overnight for three weeks worth of salary, $2,500, and instruction to purchase an airplane ticket for a flight from Toronto to Singapore and then to New York.

In one of the first messages Marcos said she was a local attorney, but Yob believed something was fishy about the check. The account on the check was from a bank in central Pennsylvania written against a business acount from central Ohio.

“I had a bunch of people telling me don’t do that,” Yob said. ” ‘If you do (redeem it), it will come back as being fake. You will owe the bank $2,400.’ ”

Yob consulted her grandmother Katherine Neeper. Neeper said she believed the benefit package her granddaughter was offered was suspicious.

The scam, known as a “check-cashing” or “advance fee” scam, is any type of con that requires the victim to mistake a fake check for a real one. The scammer’s goal is to steal money or have the victim participate in a money-laundering scheme.

In any legitimate job, money is only sent from the employer to the employee.

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