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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – Winter weather is upon us, which means winter temperatures are too.

With the temperatures dropping as we move further into winter, we’re On Your Side with a checklist you should keep in mind to keep you home warm, efficiently.

  • Is there a right time to turn on the heat?
    • Yes and no, it varies depending on your household.
    • Some homeowners may turn it on early, while others may keep it off as long as possible, opting to stay warm with blankets and space heaters.
    • Really, homeowners should turn it on with enough time to make sure their systems are working properly before temps drop.

We caught up with Vice President of Sales for John H. Coleman Co., Chris Foster to learn about checking your heating and air systems.

  • It’s the first and easiest way to see if your home is ready for winter, and the first place to check is the air flow restriction, that’s going to be your filter.
    • Clean air filters lead to a more efficiently heated home. Proper air flow through your system keeps everything running as well.
  • Not using a filter, or not checking it, can lead to more serious problems.
  • Make sure to turn on your furnace, your heat, before you get to the winter season, even if it is mild outside.
  • There’s no special number for the thermostat, faster isn’t always more efficient. If you turn it up more, it doesn’t mean it’s going to heat faster, if you turn it up more it is more inefficient.
  • Turning your ceiling fan clockwise in the winter will push hot air down.
  • And for any bigger concerns, call the professionals.

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