Young-Williams at ‘critical capacity’ for dogs following July 4th holiday


A Knox County animal shelter is packed full of stray dogs. Young-Williams Animal Center saying they are at “critical capacity.”

The recent holiday weekend is likely to blame. Fourth of July fireworks can often send pets into a panic causing them to get loose and possibly run away.

It’s why they really need help right now finding homes for these animals, either returning them to the families they already know or finding new homes for the adoptable pets.

“We actually have over 600 pets in our care right now, and a lot of that is because of Fourth of July with the fireworks,” said Jessica Jones, Adoption Specialist.

The loud noises and bright lights sometimes spook dogs and cats, causing them to get scared and run away.

And as the only intake facility for Knox County, those lost pets come to Young-Williams.

“A lot of people don’t either keep their pets inside or aren’t there to comfort, so they just run off and are looking for somewhere that they feel to be safe and away from the noises and sounds of the fireworks,” Jones said.

In fact, the lost and found section of the shelter is now full. Many of the animals have been there for several days or longer.

It’s why Young-Williams is calling on all of us for backup.

“We really need adopters to come in and help us with some space,” said Jones.

They’re asking for those who want a dog or cat to adopt, and for the ones who have lost a pet to come look for it and get it back home.

The shelter keeps all lost animals for a *minimum three day hold — before it is considered unclaimed and ready for adoption.

The shelter keeps all lost animals for a minimum three-day hold before it is considered unclaimed and ready for adoption.

Both Young-Williams Animal Center at 3201 Division Street and the Young-Williams Animal Village at 6400 Kingston Pike are open daily. You can adopt pets at both facilities, but if you’re an owner looking for a lost pet you’ll need to visit the Division Street location.

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