KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Zoo Knoxville‘s newest additions to their lion pride are now a month old and their official names have been chosen.

Maji and Anga, both names of Swahili origin.

Maji, translating to “water” for the male, and Anga, translating to “sky” for the female. The names were chosen carefully to relate to the father’s name Upepo, which is Swahili for “wind.”

Video courtesy of Zoo Knoxville

These lions are the first cubs to be born in Knoxville since 2006.

The African cubs have been monitored closely around the clock since birth, and are growing up fast and healthy. They are beginning to make trips to see their parents Upepo and Amara in the Valley of the Kings.

While in the lion wing, experts are watching Amara’s reactions to her cubs closely. The mother’s interest in her cubs will determine the speed in which they can interact with their parents freely. “This is the first step in teaching them to be lions,” said Curator at Zoo Knoxville, Terry Cannon.

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